COVER OF A French 

baroque music book

A decorative print in A3 size made out of the cover of a music book produced for pardessus. The original image has been edited and hand painted to produce a new printed replica.

baroque book

engraved print

disco de caranzalem:
Caja de Música

Album by Caranzalem (Pilar Almalé & Elena Escartín, recorder) entitled Caja de música.

It's a recording in which the two artists, capturing their experience as a duo, have created a special journey made of songs from near and far, allowing the listener to imagine one and a thousand trips: from Argentina to Eastern Europe, passing through Peru, Finland, Cuba…

A decorative print in A3 size from the original work of René Magritte of 1928. It has been reworked and hand painted in order to create a new design to be used for the musical project Ceci n‘est pas Baroque.


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The act of making music is a daily job, which requires much more than just giving concerts.

Making music requires daily study of the instrument, planning, management, rehearsals, hours of arranging scores, preparing for media interviews, organisation and running of events, the creation of multimedial content with recording of music and video. It involves the preparation and creation of artistic publicity material, including photos, logos, texts…

In short, being a professional musician brings together skills and other time-consuming tasks, which are not necessarily only music-related and which cannot monetised.

It is like planting seeds in a field: for many months you must work the land and take care of the plants and trees, until they finally bear fruit and you can start feed on them.

Every video and audio recording that you can find for free here on my website has taken weeks or months of hard work to produce.

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"PROFESSIONAL VIOLA DA GAMBA PLAYER, professional in early music and passionate about sound and art experiment"

Photographs by @mariajett

Styling by @malditamariafaldas